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Haunt Reviews
This place is absolutely amazing! The most realistic haunt you could ever experience. The town is way cool, especially the chocolate shop...Check them out, it the absolute best!!!
Shawn E. Google Review
First off, all I can really say is WOW. I have never done a haunt like this before in my life (and I have done a lot of them). This was truly a one of a kind experience in Ohio.
Alexander H. Google Review
Your goals are so unique and will separate you from the typical haunted house and I love it. I appreciate your amazing generosity to assure we had a great experience. We will be back.
Ashley B. Google Review
Tonight me and my boyfriend went to Terror town, one of the best nights ever not only was the staff incredibly friendly and helpful they were so kind to help surprise me...
Kylie Q. Google Review
Few places offer the open world emersive experience that Terror Town offers. From the very start you feel you have stepped into 1800s old town where you never know...
Adam B. Google Review
I really enjoyed this haunted attraction. My wife, me and my friends all went out this weekend and loved how everyone was in character the whole time. On top of the awesome...
Zac H. Google Review
This place is by far the best walk through I’ve been through, it’s scary and it’s fun to walk around and shop they have tons of good stuff at the stores good food there...
Kaylee M. Google Review
Had a few beers and enjoyed some great food! I highly recommend the Elk Chili. I’ll definitely be returning and bringing more friends with me. Thanks again staff!
Tyler F. Google Review
We went tonight and had the best time! The bars are a must do? The characters were awesome. We had a wonderful time. Definitely will go again!
Erin J. Google Review
This place is incredibly unique! It is an immersive experience and absolutely worth checking out. It is definitely a must-see for this Halloween season. I highly recommend!
Bella B. Google Review
10/10 recommend good for families and they're specially nice to little children that come through. Would recommend going first as basic to learn the lay of the land...
Jessica C. Google Review
This place is amazing! The town has a ton of things to do while waiting to receive your text for your turn for the trail. Lots of great music, acting, good food and beer!
Amanda S. Google Review